John McAfee Loves The Upcoming Project Based On TRON Blockchain


All of us aware since few weeks TRON has been in the top list of adding more and more platforms on its protocol. Also it may so happen that the BitTorrent speed may attract millions of people into the blockchain industry.


Past a few days, Tron is been seeing quite a lot of positive developments. As BTT got listed on most of the exchanges, Tron’s DApp count also continued to grow. Moving further, the Hard fork update may also enhance Tron’s security and performance.

Notably, TRON is regularly building a bunch of legitimate projects. John McAfee tweets about his thoughts particularly on one Tron venture.  McAfee loves the idea behind VibraVid, which is an upcoming decentralized content sharing platform. More precisely, McAfee loves the abilities artists and creators gain when using a decentralized platform.

VibraVid & BeatzCoin

VibraVid is one such platform who aim to be a decentralized answer to Youtube. Basically, the model may flip the content monetization upside down. Along with such a decentralized platform and an economy powered by BTCZ or BeatzCoin, the content creators as well as consumers will be benefitted. As the content passes directly from the artists to users.

Musicians can now upload, store, market, rent and sell their content to its users through VibraVid. Wherein Beatzcoin is one such cryptocurrency which fuels the platform. Various users and creators can exchange them on VibraVid for songs, videos and other digital content forms.

On 27 Feb 2019 BeatzCoin announced an update on the VibraVid Update video showing the live transactions of Beatzcoin TRX along with updated checklist.

Tweeting which the BeatzCoin founder, Steven Zambron then announced this update officially expecting John McAfee and Justin Sun may love it.

Finally this resulted in McAfee tweeting to say he loved it

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