John McAfee Interview With Bitcoin News

John McAfee is one of the most interesting, as well as most popular public figures in crypto industry. John recently interviewed with, where he shared his opinion on the weekly crypto news.

On being asked about SEC chairman has found that ETH is not a security under U.S. law. John says,

I think that’s the most positive sign we could possibly have from that old and corrupt organization. It’s extremely bullish because they have been the prime retarder of the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by scaring the world.

Furthermore, John also speaks about Hardware wallet. He claims that, he uses Bitfi hardware wallet which is most secure and easier to use and overall it is a fine product.

Furthermore, John McAfee says that, cell phones are not secure for crypto storage. Elaborating further he says,

If it’s on a cell phone it will be at risk of being hacked. Adding to the list he says that, Samsung that launched a crypto storage in their phone known for having great security is just marketing strategy but not reality.

Finally, he shares his view on crypto payments and key to enhance the use of cryptocurrency. John says that,

The value of good coin is directly proportional to the number of people and the amount and the volume of activity from people buying and selling goods and services.

The technology of the blockchain is applied to cryptocurrencies by just buying them and storing them somewhere and that’s insanity.

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