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John McAfee Launches ‘Ghost Cell Phone Data Service’c

News in Brief.! 

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  • Have you heard of a phone network that is completely untraceable and untrackable? A phone without a network sim card?
  • John McAfee is all set to launch a service with these features globally in September 2020.
  • The service initially supports VOIP and IP based communication platforms.

In this news, we will unfold the details of the Cell phone network with the specifications.

What is the McAfee’s Ghost Cell Phone

A recent press release unveils the launch of the world’s first private cell phone data service by the tech tycoon and two-time presidential candidate, John Mcafee. The so-called “Ghost Cell phone data service” will be the first 4G data service whose connections to the network would be untraceable.

What are the Features of McAfee’s New Cell Phone.!

  • The Ghost cell phone data service uses e-sim technology discarding the traditional physical sim.

  • The cell phone network is configured using a wide range of technologies and techniques which provide an untrackable and untraceable connection.

  • The service data would be ’data-only’ but will also support VOIP and IP based communication platforms.

  • The cell phone network claims to be the fastest offering 4G network with ample bandwidth.

  • The network is currently available in over 35 countries across the globe.

  • The network is VPN protected, which means, all data you send on this network is encrypted.

Interesting Right? 

Who Can Use John McAfee’s ‘Ghost Cell Phone’?

Well, at the time of launch, this service would be available for the latest phones that include, Google S20, S20+, ZFlip/Fold, and the iPhone 11/11Pro/ 11Pro Max/ XS/ XS Max/ XR. However, more mid-range and budget phones will also be added in the coming days.

Therefore, the people who want to give this a try, first need to possess supportive phones to scan the QR code during the purchase of this network.

Note: No personal information is required for sign-up and all service is pre-paid with no contract!!

Currently, McAfee is looking for members of the media interested in beta-testing. This service also includes a free app compatible with both Android and IOS.

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The Ghost Ecosystem

The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service is one of the components of the whole Ghost Ecosystem. This includes Ghost cryptocurrency which was launched recently and the GhostX exchange. Elaborating this, John McAfee says; 

“The Ghost Brand will encompass a range of practical, real-world tools for people to protect our rights and take back our privacy. Privacy is a Human Right.”

What is Ghost Cryptocurrency & GhostX Exchange?

Ghost is a new Proof-of-Stake(PoS) Coin distributed through an ICO but not IEO. The users of this coin are allowed to trade across the web without being traced. Priority as a concern, these transactions use the art escrow pool to shield and erase the history of transactions. On top of this, the transactions are verified using zero-knowledge proofs. 

GhostX is a decentralized exchange founded by John McAfee. Initially, Bitcoin, Tether, Switch, and Dai are available for trade, besides native Ghost cryptocurrency. The exchange is powered by Atomicswap smart technology that enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies without a central exchange.

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While the Ghost cell phone network seems to be new and interesting with attractive features, the actual review can be available following the launch of the service for all the users. Stay tuned with Coinpedia to know the actual use-cases of this service.! 

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