John McAfee Says Cryptocurrency Is The One Which Protects Us


Recently, John McAfee supported an ongoing TRON project. He also showed his love for the thought behind VibraVid. Vibravid is an upcoming decentralized blockchain platform that supports underground musicians and helps them control their own work. Yesterday, in a music and crypto podcast presented by Beatzcoin, John McAfee shared his view on being the US Presidential candidate.


McAfee also shared his view on how the government, the Ted, the banks and the powerful people control the flow of money. He feels that if these people can control the currency, then they control all the aspects of the people.

According to McAfee, it is the cryptocurrency that protects us. It is the one which gives us the access over the medium of exchange. While using cryptocurrency, the power of acceptance or rejection lies within us. Eventually, we can take away the power from the masters if we reject.

McAfee’s Thoughts On TRON & Justin Sun

John McAfee feels that along with many great platforms, TRON is also one of them. But, it all depends on the users as to how people feel about using TRON.

Music & Blockchain Collaboration

McAfee’s view on Music and Blockchain coming together creating opportunities for undiscovered artists is quite unique. He says the artists need to be free, become their own boss and not put up by others or Blockchain. According to him, this ubiquitous permanence gives each one of us the possibility of owning their own work.

McAfee also gives a message to all the artists out there saying

If you apply the Blockchain properly, you can free yourself and own the fruits of your labor.

Beatzcoin believes in bringing a true music ecosystem to the blockchain where the listeners are also paid as the musicians. The musicians will basically have the total control over their content. McAfee appreciates this upcoming innovation from Beatzcoin as the musicians will be aware of the status of their work.

Eventually, the artists can discover themselves. As Beatzcoin plans to incentivize and  the artists can also market themselves efficiently. Alnd, once they are discovered, those people start sharing and paying for the content they provide exclusively to the platform.

Massive things That Will Bring Crypto Adoption

According to McAfee, the first thing is using a proper user interface. Secondly, the crypto market needs courageous people who can invest in cryptocurrencies as well as talk about it. Hence promoting cryptocurrencies to all of their friends and community as they can be the owner of their own wealth.

McAfee’s Thought on Proof-Of-Work

As per McAfee, Proof-of-work says one thing, “I’ve done the work. I’ve done something that costs me time, money, energy to create this coin.” Eventually, McAfee prefers proof-of-work.

Basically, Beatzcoin is one such platform which is doing their best to create a lot of awareness about the cryptocurrencies.

Final Verdict

McAfee advices all the living creatures on the earth that do what you love as we all have onelife. He also advises saying,

If you truly want to support projects, that will make this technology, and this benefits to humanity real and quickly then support things like this and start using your own cryptocurrency for buying and selling. Support the good and ignore the bad.

Ultimately, John McAfee has done a lot of good things for crypto and he will continue doing so.

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