John McAfee blackmailed Verge cryptocurrency ahead launch of Wraith

Leaked texts now suggest that John McAfee, the head of McAfee antivirus blackmailed the rising cryptocurrency Verge ahead launching of their new privacy protocol called Wraith.

According to the texts, he asked for money to promote and pump the coin.

While McAfee claims on Twitter that his phone was hacked and posts in support of the cryptocurrency made. Since many doubt whether the claim was valid. McAfee appeared in the tweets to back the cryptocurrency, tweeting of its potential to his 567,000 Twitter followers to influence the price. His tweets caused the cost of the cryptocurrency to increase in price.

Some people have claimed that they found information on multiple social accounts, showing McAfee’s positive support to the cryptocurrency.

For instance, there is an account by the name XVGWhale in the Verge community. The owner bought a significant amount of the cryptocurrency and is now enjoying the rise in price. He is influential in the city and has also been very vocal about Verge. However, promoting it to his 60,000 Twitter followers.

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A tweet on the XVGWhale’s account shows him with John McAfee at the latter’s house. He has also claims, in a tweet, that McAfee’s phone was not hacked.

XVG whale

According to XVGWhale, John McAfee reversed his support for Verge. Because the creator of the cryptocurrency failed to pay him an agreed fee US$1.1 million dollars in Ethereum.

XVGWhale has images that seem to be taking off his phone that is showing the controversy between McAfee and XVGWhale. In one of the chats, McAfee claims to have caused the market cap of Verge to increase by US$2 billion. Also, he should reward otherwise he would bury verge with negative commentary.

The expected launch of the anticipated Wraith Protocol would be on January 1, 2018, that led Verge’s price to increase to $0.14 on New Year’s Eve. The price jumped to US$0.236  within 15 hours, but that was only a less than spectacular rise. The two continue to negotiate with McAfee dropping the price to US$100,000, and XVGWhale offers US$70,000.

In the statements on the images, McAfee also claims to have paid by many cryptocurrencies for his comments about them. Alongside even mentions a US$23 million deal with

John McAfee blackmailed Verge cryptocurrency

John McAfee blackmailed Verge cryptocurrency

McAfee has denied the claims.

Neither McAfee nor XVGWhale works for Verge, and it is hard to verify the truth of the claims. For instance, both could be in it together to influence the price of the coin given they were together at McAfee’s house. According to the image in one of the XVGWhale’s tweets. The deal between the two could also have gone sour. McAfee’s phone could also have been slash. And also other party could be using the statements to augment his market position.

This serves as a warning for those investing in cryptocurrencies to take caution and do their research thoroughly before doing it.

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