Small Win For John McAfee – Bitcoin price rally

The founder of McAfee foundations and  crypto expert, John McAfee, is a famous personality in the world of social media. One of the top bet made by Mcafee was prediction of Bitcoin,  which has been recently resurfaced again after the recent surge in the value of Bitcoin from last few days, where it crossed over $5,000.

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Earlier, John McAfee has predicted and challenged, Bitcoin will reach a valuation of around $1 million by 2020. Moreover, he has been to national television to re-affirm this bet.

What is the mathematics behind this prediction? If we consider this prediction to be correct, by analyzing the growth of BTC, then Bitcoin needs to grow at a faster pace each day.

From the last 4 months, this is the first time Bitcoin has crossed $5000 in April 2019. This is time where it shows Mcafee prediction is going in correct way. So if we analyze, McAfee’s prediction, as of in the march, it leads up to 20 months remaining the price of Bitcoin needs to reach the mark on an average discussed above.

As of today, Bitcoin has reached around $5,180, still need to go a long way. What is the most challenging  for BTC is, it needs to keep up the price growth increase continuously.

For the moment, McAfee is pretty sure of himself when it comes to his BTC prediction. The Crypto expert is of the view  that it is impossible for him to lose the prediction bet. Let’s wait and see where the BTC reaches by next year.

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