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What happened to John McAfee’s Bitcoin price prediction of Dec 2020?


Bitcoin’s price prediction of reaching $1 Million is “Nonsense” says John McAfee 


The king of controversies in the world of cryptocurrency, John Mcafee, recently tweeted saying that his own tweet dated three years ago is nothing but nonsense.

Key Highlights

  • People who believe BTC will reach $1million by December 2020 are idiots
  • Bitcoin is a crippled currency and is nowhere fit to be a crypto coin
  • McAfee’s Interests in Ghostcoin, HEX tokens and Monero

Mcafee, founder of Mcafee associates and a person well experienced in the field of cryptocurrency, is often seen taking over headlines by making such statements.

In his recent tweet, he said,

Put a different way:

If Bitcoin ever hit $1 mil, it’s market cap would be greater than the GDP of the entire North American Continent. What idiot could believe such nonsense? Whale Fucking is a thousand times more likely to make its way onto the Olympics Stage.

Surprisingly he was the one who predicted three years ago in the first place-  In his tweet back then he stated that if bitcoin does not reach the $1 million price in the next three years that is by December 2020, he promises to eat his own penis.

Not only that, McAfee further added that bitcoin is the most crippled crypto coin and whoever actually believed his ‘humor’ that was lying in his tweet of the coin reaching that high is an idiot and should wake-up. 

He also added that his reason to make such a statement was to plot and attract more users towards bitcoin. 

However, earlier at the beginning of this year, McAfee’s haters were on high and increasing as he turned his back towards Bitcoin and also compared it with other crypto coins and concluded saying Bitcoin was nowhere fit to be one. Just like Goldman

If not BTC, then what?

With all of the hatred and denial, McAfee showed towards Bitcoin, there were many questions as to which cryptocurrency is the supporting now. 

Recently, the techno is seen supporting “Monero” a privacy coin that allows the users to keep their identity anonymous. 

Not only that, a few days ago, McAfee launched his own privacy coin- “GhostCoin” which he believes will perform better than that of BTC. Apart from that, it seems that he is interested in the trending HEX tokens and is seen supporting both Ghost Coin and HREX to bring in more users.

In consideration of his rising hatred and lost hopes in Bitcoin, this year be also mentioned that Bitcoin is the least used cryptocurrency.

 In another interview, he said that there is no Satoshi Nakamoto and he knows the real person behind it but doesn’t want to reveal.

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