John McAfee Speaks On Bitcoin Price, Apollo Coin & Safex Coin

John Mcafee- The founder of Mcafee foundations and a crypto expert recently had a interview at Exuma, where he spoke about cryptocurrencies and their futures.

The interviewer asked Mcafee: you got million dollar in minero, why minero first?

To which mcafee replied: ‘privacy’.  Do you think every coin would adopt privacy features? His answer was:

Every coin does not need privacy. According to him bitcoin should be made standard,  Apollo will be number one and safex is a great coin.

What do you think we have to do to get to the point where crypto is pervasive across the world right what what are the things that have to happen for mass adoption to occur?

To which he said –

You have to have a better interface, so that don’t even need to speak English.

A good User-interface is very much important for the future.

Privacy and distributed exchanges are more of threat than bitcoin to is government.

Previously, he made prediction on popular bitcoin price, one million dollar by 2020. He was confident and stood by it and it might reach up to 2 million dollars. Bitcoin will be universal currency and it got its own value. He thinks Bitmain is the most important company in the crypto world. On a most controversial thought which he agrees and other disagree is Crypto will change economy and it will bring industrial revolution.

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