Bitcoin Creator Is Still Alive! Says John McAfee

Its been quite long that this Satoshi Nakamoto thing is trending! A few weeks ago, Craig Wright, who is an Australian programmer and long-time Bitcoin enthusiast, claimed that he is the creator of cryptocurrency. Some of them agreed to Craig’s statement while others had a different opinion.


Antivirus Software creator, John McAfee revealed that he knows “the true identity of Satoshi”. Adding to this, McAfee also said that he is 100% sure it is not Craig Wright. Furthermore, McAfee said that in the coming week, he will expose bit-by-bit about who kicked off the crypto revolution.

Although many of them took this response as a joke, McAfee was not kidding. Recently, in an interview with Bloomberg, John McAfee revealed that he won’t unveil Satoshi. This is due to legal, political, and physical threats. He also continued to claim that he knows exactly who the Bitcoin Godfather is.

John McAfee also remarked that he has spoken with him. He also says that he is not a happy camper about the uncloaking attempts. McAfee looks quite dead-set in his belief. As he says Bloomberg that “he is one of the best [technologists],” crediting himself to claim to have found a man who created a ground-breaking protocol that changes the fabric of society.

Basically, cryptocurrencies are predicated on decentralization, which means a single vector of attack in Satoshi is dangerous. But, having a centralized figurehead may decrease decentralization. It is found more relevant in Satoshi’s case, as there are rumors that they have access to approximately one million BTC. It is hard to reveal who McAfee is but, it is also not possible to stop McAfee.

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Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Is Still Alive! Says John McAfee
John McAfee says that the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive. He also claims that Craig Wright is not the real Satoshi..
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