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John McAfee Speaks On the Beatzcoin IEO Hosting On Probit Exchange

Recently, VibraVid announced their Beatzcoin IEO is now hosted on the Probit Exchange which will commence on September 30. Owing to which the founder of the McAfee Associates, John McAfee, has urged the audience to strongly look at the Beatzcoin IEO on Probit Exchange.

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John McAfee feels that the Blockchain has the power to provide the artists and musicians the ownership of their own creation. He also adds to it saying that 

“The upcoming @BeatzCoin IEO on Probit.com from September 30 will power the VibraVid platform to liberate countless artists & reward them for their work.”

About Probit Exchange

Basically, Probit is a global cryptocurrency exchange located in South Korea, which allows easy and fast on-boarding process for international and US-based users. This exchange has a quick and easy KYC process. Also, has the order speed of over 1.5 million orders per second and advanced security. This supports hardware security keys and 2FA. Also, the exchange has the simplest UI and it lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects.

About VibraVid & Beatzcoin

The Beatzcoin (BTZC) is a TRC-10 cryptocurrency which is useful to transact on VibraVid platform. Also, VibraVid is a decentralized media sharing platform constructed on the TRON blockchain. Basically, this will be a decentralized answer to YouTube and SoundCloud. Recently, Beatzcoin has partnered with Changelly. They aim to allow easy on/off ramp for users holding major cryptocurrencies. 

What is you opinion on this launch? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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