Initial Bitcoin Adopter Jeff Garzik Goes The ICO/Altcoin Route

Bloq is the leading blockchain technology company announced the upcoming launch of Metronome (MTN).

According to the MTN’s abstract, portability of the crypto can prove through

“a proof-of-exit receipt when users vacate one blockchain, which makes them enter into another”.

The company asserts that “users can easily choose the blockchain through support networks such as Rootstock (for Bitcoin). Hence, it satisfies the demands for governance and security, or even upgrade the contract of MTN if required”

The remaining specifications are set to fix according to the industry standards. As tokens “will regulate by its user community, with the system manages by autonomous smart contracts. There will be no intermediate third party with any special approach either within the system or in the MTN marketplace.”

Surely, there is a chance of debate on launching MTN. However, it is manual notes that how every “other cryptocurrency is bound to on blockchain network. Metronome is the latest cryptocurrency that is not mean to one blockchain.

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Will “Halo” Dismiss Contradictions?

Mathew Roszak, the co-founder said Bloomberg’s Olga Kharif by phone

“We’ve built a thousand-year cryptocurrency, something that’s develop to last”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Roszak indicates to MTN’s ability to involve in between the networks, as an aspect to refuse “infighting” or project “disputes” for greener pastures.

It’s curious because of Jeff Garzik, MTN’s project lead has himself been a vocal proponent of potentially the most controversial debate in the crypto area. The upcoming 494,784 block height Segwit2x hard fork.

Mr. Garzik’s “halo” of having been a first mover in the crypto ecosystem, nevertheless, makes his affiliations remarkable unaware of philosophical conflicts.

But probably the perception is not so compatible. In fact, possibly he is fulfilling his perceptions by allowing crypto users to end-run around online exchanges. Facets like fees, price volatility makes the risky moves when trading among currencies.

MTN claims it has helped to reduce those problems. Instead of chains forking, users “fork,” keeping ICO project teams’ egos in line.

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