Bitcoin Largest Code Contributor Distributed $100M Of Bitcoin

Mr. Jeff Garzik, the third biggest contributor to bitcoin’s code and bitcoin pioneer freely served more than $100 million in bitcoin over the years.

Jeff Garzik, the Bitcoin Pioneer Developer

Mr. Jeff Garzik started writing software code for bitcoin after stumbling on an online bitcoin blog in July 2010. During that time Garzik worked remotely for open-source company Red Hat from a vehicle parked in an empty lot in Raleigh, North Carolina. He continuously contributed codes for bitcoin making him the third-biggest contributor to bitcoin’s code besides Satoshi Nakamoto and developer Gavin Andresen.

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Garzik would remain as one of the top code contributors to bitcoin through 2014. while reminiscing the history of bitcoin from 10 years ago, Mr. Garzik states that bitcoin did not become what he envisioned back then. However, this self-made developer and a top contributor of codes to bitcoin deduce that he is proud of the cryptocurrency.

“It is an organism, it’s something that evolves… It hasn’t evolved in the direction of high-volume payments, which is something we thought about in the very early days: Getting merchants to accept bitcoins. But on the store-of-value side, it’s unquestionably a success.” Garzik said in a news statement.

Mr. Garzik compared bitcoin development to the growth of children, stating that as a father he enjoys watching his kids grow up though they make mistakes. In his perspective bitcoin did not become the magic cryptocurrency he and bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned it would be in the early days.

Garzik states that he worked directly with bitcoin creator Nakamoto corresponding via private emails and Bitcointalk forum. According to his own statement, this conversation continued until Satoshi abruptly vanished in 2011.

What Mr. Garzik Thinks about Satoshi Nakamoto?

Although he worked with Nakamoto on several occasions, Garzik actually didn’t meet face to face with Nakamoto. Their conversations were based on emails or chats on the Bitcointalk forum. However, Garzik mentioned that he studied the coding style Nakamoto used and deduced that he could be a Dave Kleiman from Florida.

My personal theory is that it’s Floridian Dave Kleiman, Mr. Garzik said in an interview. It matches his coding style, this gentleman was self-taught. And the bitcoin coder was someone who was very, very smart, but not a classically trained software engineer.

Meanwhile, Mr. Garzik thinks to be the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is a former police officer. He who became a computer forensic expert, Kleiman died in 2013. Mr. Kleiman relatives are in a legal battle with Australian businessman Craig Wright. He once claims to be Nakamoto, for allege seizing billions of dollars worth of bitcoins and intellectual property from Mr. Kleiman.

Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto is an important topic in the bitcoin community since Nakamoto believes to have direct control over about one million bitcoin. Such a large cryptocurrency volume in a central control can use to shift market prices in the entire bitcoin ecosystem. However any attempt at knowing Satoshi’s true identity to yet to come to fruition.

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