Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account Hacked! Justin Trying To Save His Followers

On Friday, August 30, the Twitter page of the founder, Jack Dorsey, was hacked. Following this the hacker posted a few harsh words on his Twitter page but later the tweets disappeared and the page suspended. 

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The hacker accessed Jack’s account through SIM card swap. Then, he used SMS message from it to control the account. To have seen all this, Justin Sun urged his followers to modify their 2FA from SMS to Google Authenticator. Basically, to prevent TRON cryptocurrency wallets and Twitter accounts from being hacked. 

The hacker after gaining access posted curse words proving that even the accounts of high-profile users are not safe. Following this Twitter commented saying the trouble was due to a ‘security oversight by mobile provider’. Hence allowing the guilty parties to perform SIM card swap.   

There are about 4 million followers of Jack Dorsey. They might have definitely read the messages having offensive language. Although, these messages disappeared within an hour.

In one of the comments, a Twitter user suggested that a SIM-card swap is quite easy. Also, the safest option is to store cryptocurrencies on cold wallets having no constant internet connection.

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