It’s easy to find Satoshi Nakamoto says, John Mcafee


John McAfee in an interview said that he is assured about the identity of the person behind the pen name  ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ the author of Bitcoin Whitepaper.

McAfee who has a good sense of humor and whose name is often seen in the news, recently for his very own ‘Ghost Coin’ was actually interviewed about why he called COVID-19, the ongoing pandemic a ‘government-plot’ and he was also addressed about his AK-47 issue. 

However, that discussion led to McAfee revealing that he is well aware of the actual person behind the pseudo-name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, and not only is he aware but he is also 99% sure about it.

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“Satoshi did not design Bitcoin”: McAfee

When asked, McAfee said,” It was a team of eleven people over a period of five years, that came up with Bitcoin.” He said that the idea of people believing that the actual person behind the creation of Bitcoin is Nakamoto is utter nonsense and is stupid enough of people.  

He further added,

“How they decided who would write the paper, I don’t know. But anybody who wants to know who it is — I mean, you know who the options are, you’ve got Craig Wright possibly, I’m not going to name everyone else otherwise you’ll figure out who it is, but somebody wrote the whitepaper,” hence, not giving any hints or revealing the actual name.

Bitcoin Whitepaper gives identity clues

McAfee said that it is very easy to find out who the actual person behind the whitepaper is by just analyzing and studying the pattern of the linguistics used in it. 

He justified his words by saying, “If you read the whitepaper, first of all, it’s totally clear he’s English because every single word that has a different spelling in English and American is English. 

Secondly,  he left tells and only five percent of the population has two spaces after a period and (in the whitepaper)everything has two spaces after a period. And, the format of the document was identical to documents that he had published professionally.”

He further added, “If you buy a two-hundred-dollar authorship program, and you take the whitepaper and you compare them, and you take any one of the papers that he’s published, all of these people wrote papers, by the way, only one comes out with ninety-nine percent probability it’s him.”

Does McAfee want to reveal Nakamoto’s identity?

When asked, McAfee said that previously he had planned on publicly telling everyone and revealing Nakamoto’s identity but he backed off particularly after he had a phone call with the man behind the name.

He said that he just could not tolerate and see all this nonsense and stupidity where people actually believed that someone named ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ actually existed  and therefore was on the verge of revealing his true identity by saying,”‘Listen, it was this guy.” 

However, he said he refused to do so after the phone call with the individual.

About his phone call conversation, McAfee added, “And you know what he told me? Very smart mother*****, he said ‘Ok, what if you’re wrong?’

 He goes, ‘if you’re right, then Satoshi is going to have to hire fifty security guards and change his life,  or else he will die.’ 

Why? Everyone is going to want a piece of him, including the governments that demand that he pay taxes.

Ok, if you’re right, then that person has the ability to do something. But what if you’re wrong? You will end up destroying an innocent man’s life forever, and probably cause his death.”

McAfee stated that at that very moment he understood the situation and promised the individual that his name shall be safe with him and he will never reveal it which is why he said, “Earlier I did not mention names beyond Craig Wright or else it was sure that his name would have been revealed by me”

He further challenged that if anybody wants to find out they should go ahead and do so.

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