It Is Possible Bitcoin can go up to $100k says Max Keiser


The host of  ‘Keiser report’, a financial program on RT channel and who is also known as a bitter critique of the US dollar, ‘Max Keiser’ has always been among the Bitcoin’s most fierce supporter.


Recently, Keiser reaffirmed his prediction about  Bitcoin reaching $100,000 on Kitco news.

BTC Yet To reach its full potential

Bitcoin has already scored top asset of this year,  leaving the S&P 500 by a great margin.But , Keiser says Bitcoin  is yet to reach its full potential this year after gaining more than 83 percent in  just two months.

BTC has reached a low in December 2018,  when its price went down to almost $3,200. But around the same time, when the US Federal Reserve bank went for a permanent quantitative easing (QE), It was indication for Keiser that the crypto king had already reached its lowest point.

Keiser says that Whole Foods and Fidelity are going all in into Bitcoin, which will push mainstream adoption.     

“FOMO will reach the institutional level. They’ve got a lot bucks. And now we are going to see some big moves.”

Keiser on Warren Buffett

Keiser has taken on Warren Buffett, criticizing him by saying he simply cannot adapt to the new digital era.  Moreover, Keiser says warren buffet doesn’t have the wisdom to understand Bitcoin.

“He is too much involved in his ways and he can’t adapt, he is  not agile, further, he hasn’t got the intelligence for it.”

Buffett, One of the top business person in the world with a net worth of around $84.2 bln, has called Bitcoin ‘rat poison squared’. Some time ago, he called Bitcoin – a ‘seashell’.

We hope the Keiser prediction $100K becomes true. No doubt, the BTC has gained a lot and back on the track. Let’s wait for the big bullish market.

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