Is eBay Really Venturing In Crypto Or It’s Just a Rumour?

According to recent eBay announcements. The US-based e-commerce giant is reported to make an entry into the crypto world after its Consensus ads leaked online. The consensus is the main crypto event of the year which will take place in New York on May 13-15. If eBay starts accepting crypto payments, then it can be a boon for the E-commerce company.

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Will eBay accept crypto?  

There are a lot of crypto-related goods on eBay. It consists of random items with the Bitcoin logo, mining hardware to the actual ‘Virtual currency’ section, where you can buy or sell crypto p2p.

eBay being the sponsor of Consensus, one of the biggest event in the crypto industry forces many to believe that it would accept crypto payments now or later in future.

Do you know! Last year eBay executive ‘Sanja Kon’ joined crypto payment startup UTRUST, which slightly gave hint about eBay’s crypto ambitions.   

Also,  last year in December, eBay’s senior vice president ‘Scott Cutler’ said

The company is looking forward considering cryptocurrencies as an extra payment option, but they weren’t quite there yet.  

Learning from other realtors, which was an Amazon competitor, is the first major retail company in the US to go along the Bitcoin trend.  Not only just accepting Bitcoin, Overstock also offered its customers to purchase Bitcoin straight from their website with the help of Bitsy.  

However, the crypto space is gradually growing, there is still a lot of challenging for retailers to accept Bitcoin. For example, ‘steam’, one of the top online gaming marketplace dropped Bitcoin in December 2017 due to its high fees and volatility.

PayPal, another US tech continues to work on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, As of now, they are not focusing on Bitcoin.

As the crypto market growing and being accepted by lots of companies. It will be interesting to see how paypal will collaborate itself with the crypto world.

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