Is Amazon accepting cryptocurrency payment

One of the giant E-commerce website known as Amazon has secured three new domain names related to cryptocurrency. A giant move indicates Amazon possibly delving into the platform of digital assets resulting contradicting earlier suggestions from a high influence executive that Amazon had no strategic plans to enter the crypto market.

However, past month Amazon Pay’s VP Patrick Gauthier said CNBC that Amazon has no plans and policies to agree on cryptocurrency as a payment method because it is not much popular in the market.

Amazon: King of Kings

Amazon’s legal department registered three domains namely, and along with that redirects the visitors to the

But the company has not disclosed any related information regarding the reason for the registrations.

But stepping forward to accept the virtual currency as payment or launching an exchange for consumers to buy them.

Domain Name Wire, news source, was the first to track the move of Amazon. The report declared Amazon has registered for the domains on Tuesday.

Henceforth, it would be the domino effect in which several e-commerce websites follow suit if the Amazon prepared to accept the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Hard to overlook 

It’s very difficult to ignore the rapid ascent of the cryptocurrency in the market. The gross amount of capital drifting in cryptocurrencies surpassed $200 billion last days, Bitcoin covers more than 60% of the total.

Gently but surely, all the mainstream businesses form the all different sectors are adopting cryptocurrencies in their respective field.

For Amazon, acceptance of cryptocurrency means likely accepting Bitcoin and other tokens as a mode of payment. This step would revolutionize the payment industries and possibly set Cryptos to a new high.

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Thousands of merchants globally some of them are Microsoft (via XBOX),, Subway,, Expedia and Virgin Galactic are already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

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