IOTA To Replace Its Coordinator With An Open Source Version Of Coordinator On Mainnet

The first open source ledger built to power the future of internet of things, IOTA is in a lot of use previously, right from waste management to green energy solutions. And now with the development of Coordicide, the platform may get a lot more transparent.

Coordicide is actually the effort of removing the Coordinator from the IOTA networks and its research stage. For developing the Coordicide, IOTA is making the inner workings of the current network set-up fully transparent. IOTA aims to do this with an open-sourced version of the Coordinator running on Mainnet.

The open source version of the coordinator is the Compass, which originated a few months back. Its major functions were built in such a way that, it allowed anyone to set up a private network, run tests, or even develop PoCs more easily than before. Till now, the Compass went through the tests on Spamnet and Devnet which is currently ready for moving to Mainnet.

Mainnet replaces the Compass on April 10, 2019. Basically, this include the addition of a breaking version of IRI as well as a global snapshot. This will eventually take place at 7:20 AM UTC on the same day.

The coordinator will remain offline for some particular time. This is the time in which the community performs snapshot verification and the new coordinator begins to use it. This new coordinator will receive a signed zero value milestone, wherein any transactions referenced by the milestones get confirmation by any IRI code.

The hash function that the coordinator uses, changes to Kerl and also the security level of signature jumps to the second level.

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