Initial Coin Offerings must be regulated: SEC

The ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings limiting due to zealous activists, you need to read the following: SEC has concluded that DAO tokens are a “security” which should be regulated. The reports establishing the DAO was in a fact a centralized organization which describes that run parallel to those of any struggling start-up which has actual control over its resources.

DAO had sole discretion

It implies responsibilities for investors losses with the issues of DAO had sole discretion which results of security malfunctions. Legally, it is because the SEC commissioned reports in the first place. The authors seem to more likely with the blockchains technology.

“Curators of The DAO had ultimate discretion as to whether or not to submit a proposal for voting by DAO Token holders. Curators also determined the order and frequency of proposals. And could impose subjective criteria for whether the proposal should be whitelisted. One member of the group chosen by to serve collectively as the Curator stated publicly that the Curator had “complete control over the whitelist … the order in which things get whitelisted, the duration for which [proposals] get whitelisted, when things get unwhitelisted … [and] clear ability to control the order and frequency of proposals,” noting that “curators have tremendous power”. Another Curator publicly announced his subjective criteria for determining whether to whitelist a proposal, which included his personal ethics.”

A “virtual organizations”, is the reports final conclusion. And there is an exercise of a healthy amount of caution for those who interested in investing. Some of these brand-new retreats may find themselves in trouble with the agency.

“Whether or not a particular transaction involves the offer and sale of a security—regardless of the terminology used—will depend on the facts and circumstances, including the economic realities of the transaction. Those who offer and sell securities in the United States must comply with the federal securities laws. Including the requirement to register with the Commission or to qualify for an exemption from the registration requirements of the federal securities laws. The registration requirements are designed to provide investors with procedural protections and material information necessary to make informed investment decisions”.


Since the government is new to regulating cryptocurrencies, a perfectly rational argument goes accordingly. When an over regulation sets up a reverse innovation effect becomes possible. And however, that happens among the bounds of government dictate. This result aim improves of life and impervious organizations more precise. On the long string of ICO hacks, DAO hack was a major one that took place since the arrival of Ethereum.

The controllable of this industry in the coming multitude of Luddite supervisory bodies. It makes outdated by the time they defeated their hooks. Its facts, the DAO, and its conservators should undergo some of the dissimilar power. It is in order to enforce standards that make particular hacks unattainable. Altogether, a new standard in ERC20 and also other tokens are being tested before positioning.

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