India Becoming Blockchain Hub With Flourishing Blockchain Market

India always had a positive vision of building a blockchain network in the country. And always worked towards implementing the technology in all the possible sectors. Hence the new developments clearly state the supportive approach of the country towards the technology.

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A New Player in the Market 

Sylo, a New Zealand based software development company dealing with a decentralized communication network is all set to enter the crypto space in India. Sylo recorded 25% of its customers from India and intends to offer crypto service to the vast user base in India.

In line with this vision, Sylo has announced the listing of their Slyo cryptocurrency on the Indian exchange KuCoin with immediate effect. 

The key area of Sylo would be Sylo Smart Wallet which is a combination of a smart wallet and a private messenger. This enables the users to connect to their smart wallets safely, in addition, to send and receive digital assets in chat, make audio and video calls and store Bitcoin or any ERC-20 compatible coins.

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Novel Partnership for blockchain accelerator Program 

T-block’s collaboration is aiming for assistance in all levels of development and deployment with four-month intensive training for the Indian start-ups with innovative solutions. CEO and co-founder of Matic Network, Jaynti Kanani said, 

In addition to mentoring the start-ups, our in-house experts will also join the judge’s panel to select the startups that will go on to the next level of acceleration and aid with financial grants to support the startups through their journey.”

Besides technology development and implementation, the accelerator program also plans to provide international market exposure for their ideas such as the European market. 

Concluding Thought

India’s Blockchain is receiving enough support from the government to enhance development and deployment. It would be very interesting to wait and watch the cryptocurrency standings in the country which is still very unclear by the regulators. 

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