A Big Move to EU Crypto Space – Digital Assets can be accessed with InCore Bank

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    In a recent move by FINMA, the InCore bank launched access to digital assets for the EU crypto market. InCore becomes the first  Swiss business-to-business bank to get licensed to work with digital assets.

    InCore Bank Partners with Inacta AG

    The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority – FINMA has authorized InCore bank to carry out digital asset transactions such as trade, hold, transfer and generate (tokenize). The customers worldwide can access and transact digital asset in a secured environment.

    InCore bank with its partner Inacta AG, an independent Swiss IT consulting firm for information management and crypto assets, is planning to offer tokenized assets. The companies owning the security tokens can manage their securities with ease, raising new capital cost-effectively.

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    Maerki Baumann & Co. AG – The First Client

    InCore bank’s registered its first client, Maerki Bauman & CO whose parent company Maerki Baumann Holding holds a stake in InCore Bank.

    However, the new digital classes are accessible to all financial service providers and institutions. Those who do use InCore banking platform as outsource can have access.

    The InCore Bank

    InCore bank has well-qualified banking and compliance working team that can handle traditional and digital assets. The digital asset would be entirely integrated into the core banking system which would benefit the end user’s experience.

    In coming months InCore seeks to expand blockchain strategy in order to include brokerage, custody, and transfer services to security tokens.

    Wrapping it Up!!

    InCore bank is now ready to generate and maintain a good lead by offering the new class of services in the form of security tokens. As the regulations are still being considered, the move would definitely keep the digital space at the skies and crypto space a good future.

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