A Quite Impressive Rebound Within the Crypto Space- BTC, ETH Price Surge


Fallout and retrace are the most common occurrence in any market including the crypto space. It’s not much time passed, Coinpedia reported the blood bath in the crypto space, yet the market painted in green from the early hours of Wednesday.

Some of the crypto assets managed to rebound with significant numbers after a heavy fall-out yesterday. 

Bitcoin (BTC) price

BTC appears to have regained the momentum with surging with decent numbers. After visiting the lows of recent times, BTC managed to jump to some extent. However, the continuity of buying and selling has kept the market very active and interesting.

At present Bitcoin price is $13,819.62 with a gain of 2.16 percent. The asset seems to be strongly heading to cross the $14,000 mark very soon despite the multiple rejections at this level.

  • Very strong resistance lies above $14,000 which is expected to touch in coming times.
  • Support levels are formed surrounding $13,500 
  • The market  sentiments are very bullish and the indicators point at a ‘buy’ signal

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Ethererum(ETH) price

Ethereum seems to have followed BTC’s suit and surge with good numbers after a steep fallout in recent times. After visiting the levels near to $370, the ETH price has rebounded notably and continues to do so.

The Ethereum price at the time of composition is $383.11 with a retrace of 0.79 percent in the last 24 hours. However, the token is much anticipated to rally following any positive news from the makers of ETH. 

  • The resistance lies surrounding $400 
  • The support levels stand at $375
  • The market sentiments are slightly neutral and the indicators point at ‘sell’ signal.

The majority of the crypto space has turned red with accumulating losses at present. It appears that the whole crypto space is just focusing on the major two assets Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, the blood bath continues within the DeFi space with the most popular token YFI crashing to the bottom levels.

With every new day, crypto space forecasts a new market. However, many analysts have predicted the fall-out is short-term and the market would rebound very soon.

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