ICOs raised $4 billion in 2017; what’s there for 2018

The era of cryptocurrency has shown the significant growth in 2017 which has raised crypto startups and ultimately ICO trends.

ICOs raised $4 billion in 2017

Despite the number of regulations and ban from countries including China, ICO funding process counts for $4 Billion in last year. Consequently, countless startups have been emerged by relating their unique business ideas with blockchain technology.

Bitcoin which was trading as low as $900 in early 2017 has risen at the value of $19000 in Mid December. Though fluctuations are common which speaks Bitcoin trading at $14061 (at the time of writing). But the journey from $900 to $14061 is highly appreciating.

The desire of becoming rich through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has created a significant impact; accordingly, businesses including Gold Merchants, Banks, service firms, film industries, and actors have announced cryptocurrency payments. Moreover many have launched their own crypto-based companies thus initiated ICO funding process.

Crowdfunding has transformed the traditional IPOs. These IPOs are estimated to raise $188.8 Billion in a total of 1624 deals, as reported by E&y IPO Global trends.

According to Ico Calendars like Icobench, IcoClap, and tokenmarket, more than 200 new ICOs are scheduled to launch in this year. ICOs which has raised $96.3mln in 2016, has created a benchmark in 2017 by raising $4 Billion.

How Does Investor see ICO?

Most often banks will have a specified period for F/D or the amount customers deposited. Moreover, they usually carry low returns. Thereby, customers find investing in ICOs will have more worth for their money than to follow traditional bank depositing process.

How firms treat ICOs?

Good ICOs will have more proper mechanism because it doesn’t count the share of founders. Instead focuses on delivering the respective service in return for payment in cryptocurrency (tokens more precisely). On the other hand, participants will own the tokens at low cost which will have greater value in future.

How Scam ICO sees it?

Though cryptocurrency market has more significant scope due to its anonymity factors, many ICOs proved to be scam and fraud. In some cases, the traditional financing cannot assure investors protection. further, it is evident for crypto businesses to have fraud contract because of anonymity and decentralized behavior.

Some good ICOs of 2017

Beyond its anonymity factor, several ICOs proved to be more successful raising funds more than projected. Few of the most successful ICOs in 2017 was Filecoin raising around $257 Million, Tezos with $232.319 Million, Bancor about $153 Million, Status funding about $100 Million, EOS around $185 Million, according to blockchain council post.  .

ICOs and cryptocurrency are revolutionizing the fintech industry and the way government regulates the funds. However, the hype of blockchain technology and the smart contract is skyrocketing at present and taking over the traditional IPOs with ICOs. There is more new ICO concept to come in 2018 beyond real estate, AI technology, and banking based blockchain firms.

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Image source: thefintechtimes.com

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