ICO is set to launch new cryptocurrency donation system: TrueDonate

ICO is launching a donation platform called TrueDonate, a new cryptocurrency from 1st December 2017 to January 15,2018. This is created for creative people, charity and civic initiatives. However, on 1st October 2017, Pre-ICO will be held on Ethereum.

TrueDonate helps you to create a landing page or button in click and collects donations in any cryptocurrency. Since, all payments are transfers to TDN tokens in which the collecting party can transfer them to cash or exchanges.

The main intention of this platform is to provide charitable funds or people to collect donations in cryptocurrency. As it makes the process of collection safe, transparent and lessen the risks of corruption. Additionally, the platform implies an Antifraud system to improvisation of security that checks donation profiles and campaigns for hidden patterns.

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Moreover, TrueDonate sign agreement with large charitable foundations and develop an API. It is because that the existing cash collection services can receive donations in the cryptocurrency.

In future, the TrueDonate platform after the ICO an internal fund will be created. Therefor, 3% of all proceeds will go to fund.

Technical director of TrueDonate, Sergei Korzin,

“Cryptocurrencies are developing rapidly. However, it is difficult to accept donations because of how many currencies there are. We want to simplify and speed up this process, so that anyone can receive or sacrifice tokens with confidence that they will reach the end goal”.

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