IBM Introduces Its Cloud-Based Blockchain Platform in Melbourne

IBM recently unveils its blockchain main net service from out of its data center situated in Melbourne, Australia.

The leading market giant, IBM launches its cloud operating service regarding the blockchain platform specifically in Melbourne. However, this will let their clients run applications on the platform’s cloud, according to yesterdays’ article.

As we all are aware of the IBM platform which is developed on Hyperledger Fabric. This seems a project focusing to enhance cross-industry blockchain tech led by the Linux Foundation. Moreover, the Sydney operating IBM data center is all ready to open by the closure of March. The news also mentions that this center will likely join various other centers:

  • Tokyo
  • London
  • Dallas
  • São Paulo
  • Toronto

Rupert Colchester is the head of a blockchain at IBM both in Australia as well as New Zealand. According to him, the second center might make the technology more globally accessible & available with a redundancy.

Moreover, this physical infrastructure establishment will offer security for regulating apps in government and other financial sectors. This is because the customer data need not cross borders. He adds

Customers who are deploying blockchain applications have reached a maturity of projects that requires the data to be stored in Australia.

He also believes that blockchain tech now is widely applicable to almost the majority of sectors and pretty much active over all industries specifically in Australia. He remarks:

I do very few education sessions nowadays, but there is a lot of discussion whereby clients are trying to understand how best they can apply it to the business problems they have.

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