IBM Files Blockchain Patent for a Technology to Protect AR gamer

International Business Machine (IBM) applied for patent rights with the US Trademarks and Patent for a new technology to control AR gamers movements using Blockchain.

The technology was invented by researchers Clifford A. Pickover from New York, United States and Kommy Weldemariam from Nairobi, Kenya.

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IBM Develops Technology to Reduce Physical Risk in AR Games

According to blockchain patent, IBM filed with the US Patent and Trademark Services, a new technology to control the movement of Augmented Reality gamers will some be available on gaming devices. The technology aims to deter augmented reality game players from intruding on to undesirable locations such as high-risk locations, culturally sensitive locations, locations marked by property owners.

The technology involves a method that might need locations of a mobile gaming device.  Moreover, this might also relate it with a blockchain geolocation database. The technology would help retrieve augmented reality objects from the blockchain location database and apply them in the games. Furthermore, the blockchain database would be bear all undesirable locations which would help game the gamer to navigate the game without causing physical distress.

Augmented reality (AR) gaming is a location form of interactive gaming. This is where players consent to have their location tracked by the gaming device. During the game, the mobile gaming device displays a real-time image of the game player’s location. During the game physical, real-world items available at the player’s location are displayed on the game.

How Blockchain Improves AR gaming Experience?

The blockchain is a distributed database. In the gaming industry blockchain has had numerous application right from game development to distribution. AR games involve geolocation tracking of the player using the mobile the game device. Moreover, blockchain provides a secure unhackable database of geolocations which interacts with the game.

There is a requirement for a secure database as hackers may alter locations risking the physical well beings of the gamers. Consider a game who synchronized a wrong geolocation database of a place. Features on the ground and in the game will be distinct and the player would be playing blind.

According to the IBM patent, a mobile gaming device is an apparatus comprising of a memory, a display, at least a first sensor, and at least one processor. However, this fits the description of a smartphone. With the dynamism in the gaming industry and smartphone development, android and IOS mobile gaming apps are already on the market. There is a need to secure the AR gaming technology by ensuring it causes no physical arms to games.

Of late IBM is investing a huge amount of resources into blockchain application development. The company filing blockchain patents justifies with the US Patent and Trademark servers in the last few years. Moreover, this includes the recently patent awards right for

  • A Secure System on the Blockchain
  • Blockchain Food Tracking Patent
  • Limiting blockchain size to optimize performance
  • Blockchain for program code credit
  • Programmer contribution in a collective, etc

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