IBC Media Brings AE Ventures’ Starfleet Accelerator Program To India

The Accelerator program will commence from 27th Jan 2020. Application deadline is set to Jan 5, 2019.

After a successful Accelerator Program in Malta, the æternity blockchain-based Accelerator program Starfleet has now turned its eyes to India. The AE Ventures run accelerator program will commence from January 27th, 2019 in the Bangalore city. 

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The accelerator program dubbed as “Starfleet India” is a great opportunity for young Indian minds to bring out their blockchain dreams into reality. The program is planning to invest in SEED stage startups or a unique innovative Blockchain use case.

According to the Starfleet India program roadmap, the last date to apply for the event is Jan 5th, 2020. The ideas will be shortlisted in the Genesis week following the deadline. The selected idea or startups will benefit the following features – 

  • Funds – AE Ventures will provide up to $100000 AE Tokens to the selected team in Genesis week. Moreover, the boot camp will offer even guidance in this Genesis week.
  • Guidance – The team at AE Ventures will help startup set up their idea through the intense educational onsite programs, online mentoring and watching the growth for 6 months. Also, assistance will be provided in these 6 months if needed.
  • Ecosystem – Once a startup is incorporated by Starfleet, the team has access to the æternity ecosystem and blockchain events. 

Applications are open and one can start applying on the Starfleet website. The signup process for the Starfleet India program is fairly simple. The program has given a walkthrough of the signup process in the following video.

Why Starfleet in India?

Starfleet has decided to launch its fourth Accelerator program in the sub-continent of India. The country has a vast expanse of over 7500 emerging startups. Also, with the country being on the verge of adopting Blockchain, it seems a likely choice for venture capitalists to target India. IBC Media, the Indian media partner of Aeternity blockchain is working diligently to bring Starfleet Accelerator program to India. With its constant efforts, AE Ventures are now focussing on the Indian blockchain industry.

IBC Media

IBC Media is a marketing solutions company that works with blockchain companies. Through growth services, public relations managed accelerators and events, the team has garnered a name for itself in the blockchain industry.

Starfleet Accelerator Program

Starfleet Accelerator Program is run by AE Ventures that invests in the blockchain. Moreover, After successfully completing its 3rd accelerator program in Malta, Starfleet will be conducting its latest Accelerator Program in Bangalore City of India in Jan 2020.

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