Hyperledger Announces A New Toolbox for Blockchain Developers

Hyperledger, a Blockchain consortium reveals a new tool for blockchain developers which is a modular, distributed cryptographic library named as Ursa.


On Dec 4, 2019, the Linux Foundation group unveiled that Hyperledger Ursa is built as a trusted cryptographic implementing repository. The blockchain developers can use this easily within its community. It acts as a wider open-source project that will avoid duplication with regards to development efforts.

According to Hyperledger, the library will project in simpler project management and remove the bugs. Moreover, the majority or all crypto code will hold a single location and will continually review by their security experts. This also includes developers who already operate on Hyperledger’s Sawtooth, Indy, and Fabric projects. There are some cryptographers with academic backgrounds as well.

“Our goal in creating Ursa is to combine the efforts of all the security and cryptography experts in the Hyperledger community and move all of the projects forward,” Hyperledger said.

Currently, there exist two modules under Ursa library:

  • One module is basically for standardizing basic cryptographic algorithms
  • Second is zmix, which relates to more exotic technology like smart signatures with zero knowledge primitives.

This project codes mostly in the Rust programming language. Hyperledger Ursa will also hold interfaces of most common languages. Hyperledger also adds,

The novelty [with Ursa] is the modularization and API, which enables blockchain platforms to easily use a wide variety of changeable cryptographic algorithms without having to understand or interact with the underlying mathematics.

Ursa is a core part of Hyperledger Labs. Moreover, it is now available as an official project. This follows while the Technical Steering Committee considers it as a mature one.

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