Huobi Joins Four Firms to Launch New Trading Platforms

Huobi partners with four firms to launch the cryptocurrency exchanges in five regions: the Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, Indonesia, and Canada.

Huobi Global is amongst the leading crypto exchanges. The company recently partnered with corporate partners aiding to launch their four independent platforms. However, by leveraging Huobi Cloud, the respective partners are supposed to set up the exchanges in selective five locations.

Huobi stated:

Corporate partners also share the order integration system, wallet system, asset management and clearing systems of Huobi; in addition to Huobi Global world-leading depth, liquidity and market data.

These marketplaces will likely be currency exchanges and OTC tapping the several services. However, on 20 July, the company officially announced Huobi Cloud allowing its partners to develop safe stable digital exchanges at the earliest.

The representatives at Huobi states that more than 1,400 applications were submitted for launching the digital exchanges. However, by which only following four passes the selection criteria being launch partners:

  1. Asia International Finance Holdings (AIF),
  2. Chi Fu Group,
  3. Dbank Group,
  4. Yatai International Holding Group

According to Huobi, utilizing the OTC service, respective exchanges can provide its zero-fee trading in various digital assets and also add the support for fiat-to-crypto trading.

The Senior Business Director at Huobi Group, David Chen says about the partnership in a statement;
Together with Huobi Cloud’s corporate partners, we can offer a lower barrier for emerging economies to enter and participate in the burgeoning blockchain ecosystem. However, by operating a cryptocurrency exchange, very well, can exclusively lucrative business venture.

Huobi mentions the additional respective exchanges are launching via Huobi Cloud:

  • On August 12: Huobi Digital Asset Exchange, Location: Manila;
  • August 22: Asian Digital Asset Exchange, Location: Bali;
  • Shubao Digital Asset Exchange, Location: Taiwan on  August 26.
  • Huobi Russian Digital Asset Exchange, Location: Moscow on September 3.

Huobi located in Singapore was established in 2013, mentions that its accumulative turnover has already exceeded $1 trillion.

The only exchange which is already live in the Philippines by one of the above partners. They have named it Huobi . However, on  August 12, Huobi was available in the live version, being it’s headquartering in Manila and Ya Tai International Holding Group as its co-founder. Huobi supports three markets on its platform: BTC, USDT, and ETH.

  • Eight trading pairs are available for USDT market
  • Seven for the BTC market
  • 26 for the ETH market

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