News Announces Its Blockchain Freelancer Marketplace officially introduces the P2P blockchain freelancer marketplace. It follows a seed funding round worth US$10 million with a successful trial run.


The company, is looking to streamline and enhance the process to search and hire freelancers. They want to remove the middlemen by leveraging blockchain together with artificial intelligence (AI). However, this will provide a freelancer platform to present an immutable reputation scoring system.

Moreover, the team is using a DNA verification system backing by blockchain technology. This system allows every user to recognize a person by their digital fingerprint, validating references and PoW of other users. According to the founder and CEO at, Vlad Dobrynin,

We are using an advanced AI to drive the search process on the platform which will radically alter how we connect online with peers and businesses. People will get swift and accurate search results irrespective of geographical location.

This will be a revolutionary online model which will modify the search results depending on

  • How we respond online
  • How we trade skills and services

Blockchain Freelancer Marketplace wants to become a one-stop shop especially for ones searching to turn their talents into cash. They aim to help users who desire to make every task imaginable. The company aspires to challenge ongoing social platforms, which misuse customer data and charge for their services. Further, Dobrynin says,

By leveraging decentralized networks, power is given back to users ensuring no one can use their data without their permission. In today’s world of data driven economies, this is a radical but far-reaching step. will levy neither fees, nor commissions on user services. Moreover, it will give users entire control over their data. The user can choose on monetizing the permissions for advertisements. Additionally, every user holds a unique access key. The user who agrees to place their data for marketing gets 25% of revenue return from the advertisement.

The company states the successful trial held in the US have shown a strong requirement for skills and services. Moreover, need in the majority of sectors like

  • Household,
  • Finance and taxes,
  • Gardening,
  • Law,
  • Business assistance and various types of training.

What do you think of freelancer marketplace? Will this become a base to every freelancer looking to work on their terms? Let’s discuss on Twitter.

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