HSBC Data Thief Plans On Launching A Cryptocurrency

Herve Falciani is planning on launching a cryptocurrency dubbed Tabu

Where Herve Falciani is planning on launching a cryptocurrency dubbed Tabu, the whistleblower is still awaiting a Spanish court’s verdict on Switzerland’s appeal for his extradition, Bloomberg reported on September 12

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Falciani is promoting a digital currency dubbed Taboow with the help of Spanish investors. The report revealed that the project has attracted interest from more than one investor. In addition, Falciani stated that the investor had committed a few million euros to the project. He believes that there will be more funds raised in the nearest future.

According to the, the virtual currency will be spelled, Tabu. The website also revealed that the live sale of the cryptocurrency has commenced.

Falciani reportedly stated that the cryptocurrencies are tools that expand finance and not just concentrate it in the hands of the few.

Who is Herve Falciani?

Falciani was a former employee of HSBC private bank before he stole data that affected over 24,000 accounts. After the theft, Falciani attempted to sell the data before he decided to hand it over to the French authority.

The stolen data revealed a series of tax evasion cases. Therefore, it led to investigations by the U.K., U.S., French and Belgian authorities. However, in 2015, Falciani was found guilty and given a five-year sentence by a Swiss court.

As a result, the Swiss have been requesting that Spain extradite Falciani in order for him to serve his jail term. A request was rejected in 2013, and another request filed in 2015 is still under consideration by a Spanish court. The court is expected to give its verdict in the coming weeks.

In 2015, Falciani wrote a book titled “Earthquake in Planet Finance”. Recently, Falciani gave a speech at an event which was one mile away from the Swiss border.

Falciani is one of the latest influential figures who had joined the cryptocurrency trend. Just last month, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed that he will be getting involved in cryptocurrency.

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