‘Reckless Endeavor’ Hong Kong bitcoin meetup criticizes Segwit2x

The Hong Kong bitcoin meetup declares strong statements opposing the SegWit2x hard fork. Additionally, it includes the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong and local Bitcoin community. Since it describes 2x as a ‘reckless endeavor’ that “will cause disruption and harm”.

The statements released Wednesday goes,

“Due to the combination of both a lack of consensus across the community and a lack of strong replay protection, we consider SegWit2x a reckless endeavor that will cause disruption and harm to the ecosystem. Therefore, we strongly oppose SegWit2x”.

Initially, the meetup seams an increasing number of cryptocurrency entities opposing Bitcoin’s latest hard forks. Therefore, its counterpart in Seoul, Korea in this month issues words to similar effect.

Furthermore, new businesses are adding their opinions on day by day. Majorly, it is appearing to take a midway stance. If the 2x chain gains suitable support as a business will support it.

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Several, have faced difficulty ironing out how they will address November’s hard fork. According to the source, there was a criticism after it appeared to U-turn on stating it would effectively treat the 2x chain s an altcoin.

Hong Kong participants equally did not mince their words.

The statement continues,

“Should anyone want to conduct a hardfork and for the new token to be regarded as Bitcoin, the proponents of the hardfork should kindly ask the Bitcoin community to support them and then only proceed with the hardfork if there is widespread community support. With respect to SegWit2x, this was not done”.

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