Highlights Of The Pomp And CZ Interview, You Shouldn’t Miss!

Pomp and CZ in discussion on Off the Chain podcast, analyze how CZ built Binance Exchange, how he runs the company, and what is the future for crypto.

Anthony Pompliano and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, involved in Off the Chain podcast, where they both have a discussion on how CZ built Binance exchange, how he runs the company, and what CZ is looking forward to in the future for crypto.

Pomp introduces ‘CZ’ as he is one among the best executors in the crypto industry. Also states he is one of the biggest fans of the work he has done. A closer look to the highlights of the interview between the two is here.

Binance Has Grown So Rapidly. How?

Binance CEO explains how did Binance grow so rapidly making a move ahead of various other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Basically, when we started, there were only two other exchanges that focussed on crypto-to-crypto. All the others missed the fact that with crypto-to-crypto, you can go international instantly. Binance launched simultaneously in 180 countries. Even Poloniex and Bittrex missed this in the early days, because they focussed only on US markets. All of them missed the international aspect of crypto. Binance didn’t, and that was never done before.

The Team

Pomp pointed on the fact that Binance is not a highest paying employer and highlights that most of the people who become Binance team members usually take pay cut. One being pointed out, CZ said Binance is doing a meaningful thing and everyone in the team knows that. Also elaborated that Binance looks for people who are passionate about this industry.  

CZ further added that Binance initiated with just 30 people, wherein almost nobody left. Furthermore he added that Binance has no term-term plans. Binance has weekly plans, getting some stuff done every week. Having a large decentralized team, there is more overhead on communication. But, still CZ pushes things hard to get them done quickly. Binance still moves forward much faster.

CZ’s Plan To Provide Alternatives

As CZ comes from an entrepreneurial background, he believes entrepreneurs make the world a better place. This is CZ view about world. He also points that he is not against any government, any company, any organization and doesn’t intend to remove any banks. He just aims at improving things, bit by bit.

Do Something Meaningful To Live Meaningful

Pomp asked about the reason why he is doing all this? What drives him? And What is his personal motivation for this development? To which CZ elaborates as

‘I think it is my drive to have a more fulfilling life. You want to make the best out of your life. To have the most meaningful life is to do something meaningful. Sipping Martini’s just ain’t any fun. Driving sports car isn’t either. I am just not interested in that kind of stuff.’

According to him the most rewarding thing to do is to help others. Adding to it he said,

‘Honestly’, he says. ‘I have enough money, taking half away of it doesn’t change much. Money doesn’t drive me. The best thing I know how to do, is to increase the adoption of crypto. That probably will be the most positive impact that I can bring. Perhaps it sounds a bit arrogant but that’s what I honestly think.’

Aliens do exist?

Pomp asked CZ about the probability that aliens exist. To this CZ concluded the interview saying he believes 99,999999% in aliens. On being asked about the way they look CZ had an answer saying,

They could look similar to us, but they could as well be very different from us, in such way that we can not really interact with them. I also believe in the simulation theory. That we all live in a simulation.

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