South Korean and Japanese markets already record high bitcoin prices

Bitcoin was already trading at above $10,000 in South Korea before other markets witnessed the milestone. A quick check at the three leading South Korean markets yesterday. It showed that the coin traded for as much as over $13,000 at Coinone, over $13,000 at Korbit and over $12,000 at Bithumb as other markets welcomed news of its reaching 10k milestone.

Even if global averages in the price have since fallen, South Korean and Japanese markets still record high prices. Bitcoin is going for as much as $11, 770 at Coinone, $11,700 at Korbit and $11,790 at Bithumb.

Bitcoin traded $11,827 in Japanese markets yesterday though it has since fallen as global averages fell. Bitcoin was trading at $10,600 at Bitflyer. The largest crypto exchange market in the country with a trading volume of more than $300 million.

BitFlyer has just acquired a BitLicense from The New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) to operate in United States as a  ‘custodial wallet’ services for bitcoin or a secure online address to hold Bitcoin.

Japan announced endorsement of 11 different cryptocurrency exchanges in September in an attempt seen as the country wanting to become a centre for crypto markets after banning of ICOs by China in September. The endorsed included Bitbank, BitFlyer, BitPoint, BitTrade and BTCBox.

Japanese and South Korean markets account for 74 percent of global Bitcoin trades with Japan having 64 percent. Thus, nearly twice as large as the U.S.

The coin was trading at $11,266.40 yesterday according to CoinMarketCap. Since the total volume of $9 billion and market cap of $188 billion. The price is now $10,328 on CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin was trading for above $11,000 at Bitfinex, slightly over $11,000 at Bitstamp, and $11,649 at CEX.

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