Heroes Of Mavia Joins Forces With Tribe Gaming In ESports Play-to-earn Gaming Push

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Mar 19, 2022


Heroes of Mavia takes the next step in eSports-oriented play-to-earn gaming through a partnership with Tribe Gaming. Following this collaborative effort, Heroes of Mavia becomes the leading eSports-focused title in the P2E blockchain gaming vertical. 

Heroes of Mavia pushes the boundaries of reaching a global audience with play-to-earn gaming efforts. The Binanceacked project joins forces with Tribe Gaming, one of the world’s biggest eSports organizations.

The partnership will ensure eSports and play-to-earn gaming can find common ground and cater to a growing audience of gamers and enthusiasts.

Tribe Gaming has continued to expand its footprint in the eSports segment in recent years. It features the top mobile gaming creators and competitive teams globally, culminating in a 2021 World Championship in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Moreover, the organization now sights blockchain gaming, an emerging vertical that empowers players and establishes new revenue-generating opportunities.

That focus will bring a new audience to play-to-earn gaming, as Tribe’s creators and players generate over 100 million monthly views on YouTube alone.

Tribe Gaming Founder and CEO Patrick Carney adds:

At Tribe, we’ve been carefully examining the right P2E project to integrate Tribe IP inside of, and collaborating with Mavia is an exciting opportunity. We’re bullish on the future of the project, and we’re looking forward to seeing the continued development of Mavia as the game gets closer to launch.”

The choice for Heroes of Mavia is easy to explain. The project is backed by Binance Labs, Capital, and Genblock Capital.

Moreover, Mavia bets on eSports and competitive gaming, values that align with Tribe’s. Through this new partnership, Mavia continues to push the envelope for eSports-focused play-to-earn gaming. 

Tribe acquired dozens of Legendary and plots in the Mavia game world to solidify the collaborative effort. All plots will feature unique Tribe branding.

Additionally, Tribe will receive exclusive in-game skins and decorations tied to their current branding and color schemes.

Legendary plots represent the best areas in the Mavia game world. They also have the most luxurious design of all land types and offer better luck rates when removing obstacles.

Tribe can customize their plots by building bases, battling players, and their bases in the process. Additionally, plots can be rented out for a fee, serve as leverage for base partnerships, etc. 

Skrice Studios Executive Producer Yvan Feusi adds:

Our team could not be happier to have Tribe as an official partner of Mavia. As we continue to push our game further into the space of competitive gaming and esports, it is essential that we work closely with seasoned veterans of this space. Not only does Tribe have the biggest content creators in the mobile gaming space, but they also have the experience and aptitude to help Mavia develop its potential to become a blockbuster blockchain gaming title.”

Heroes of Mavia is a play-to-earn game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It features a fantasy-themed island called Mavia, where players control their base.

Players need to grow their base, and army through resources obtain from fighting other players. Moreover, Heroes of Mavia features intricate mechanics, exciting gameplay, and unique monetization options. 

About Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is a play-to-earn MMO Strategy game developed by Skrice Studios. The game takes place in a fantasy-themed island called Mavia, where players build bases on plots of land and battle neighboring bases and armies to earn in-game resources, such as Mavia’s P2E cryptocurrency RUBY.

Players must strategically place defensive buildings on their bases such as walls, turrets, and traps, in order to defend against opportunistic attackers looking to steal resources.

Resources can also be stolen from rival bases by attacking opponents with land troops, vehicles,s, and air units. RUBY is earned through battling enemy armies and can be used to upgrade Land, Statue, and Hero NFTs.

Media contact: Nania Tran, [email protected] 

For more information, please visit:  Website  |  Twitter  |  Telegram | Discord

About Tribe Gaming

Tribe Gaming was founded in 2017 by mobile gaming superstar Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney to drive the growth of mobile media, entertainment, and esports.

Exclusively representing some of the biggest names in mobile content and most talented players in esports, Tribe’s powerhouse of creators has garnered over 29 million fans and 100+ million monthly views on YouTube alone, and Tribe’s esports teams compete in five major mobile titles.

Tribe Gaming is based in Austin, Texas with employees located around the world.

Media contact: Michael Valore, [email protected]

For more information, please visit: Website  |  Twitter  |  Discord

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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