Hello Diamonds Shifts To Bitcoin Cash

A Blockchain powered diamond platform moves from Ethereum network to Bitcoin cash smart contract platform, Wormhole.


Hello Diamonds, a Blockchain powered diamond platform announces to shift from Ethereum network to Wormhole. Wormhole is a Bitcoin Cash smart contract platform. Hello Diamonds plans to provide a platform for seamless investing in precious minerals.

This new distribution focuses mainly on DiamCoin. Hence, the stablecoin DiamCoin appears to be the first token to get 100% approval from the physical diamonds.

Why Hello Diamonds Shift to Wormhole?

Hello Diamonds explains that the move away from Ethereum blockchain came after accusations. Moreover, the platform was able to keep up with the required throughput for large-scale applications. Also, the Bitcoin Cash blocks usually endorse faster and have the ability to scale, while still maintaining low transaction fees.

“The Ethereum network has grown so big. Over the last year we have seen thousands of ICOs and other tokens being built on it,” said Patrick Makedonas.

Ecosystem developer with Hello Diamonds says, as an outcome, while all these new tokens will send big volumes in various transactions, or if it the network goes busy, the Ethereum network will simply slow down to a point without inefficiency. He also claims that a single transaction fee on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain is 85% lower as compared to Ethereum transaction.

“The ability of Bitcoin Cash to handle high transaction volumes with low transaction fees is highly relevant for our ecosystem,” says Jeremy Dahan, CEO of Hello Diamonds.

Lastly, Jeremy Dahan adds, while moving forward we need to be certain about choosing solutions that can cater to our users.

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