HashCash Blockchain Company Joins A Famed Australian Gaming Platform

The Consultants from the blockchain platform HashCash confirms their alliance with the undisclosed developer from Australia specializing in video games.

The alliance between this Australian developer and HashCash platform ensures to roll out their white label crypto exchange along with some tokenization services respectively for the gaming industry. This news revealed in a HashCash press release.

HashCash is basically a blockchain operating platform aims to offer “white label” relating blockchain solutions specifically for a gaming sector. This means that now clients can buy and rebrand pre-developed solutions, facilitating the shift welcoming new blockchain running business model.

Recently, the company introduced via a press release about their partnership with a “prominent Australian video games developer”. However, they haven’t yet revealed the company name or majority of the details.

Back in 2017, the company HashCash raised worth $150 million at the early phase venture funding for creating its solutions.  Some of the service solutions encompass crypto exchange development support, initial coin offering aka ICO solutions, and crypto payment technology.

Also, the release highlights about how a change to a tokenized, blockchain operating model will further help innovate this particular gaming sector. However,This will let gaming firms to monetize their ecosystems by initiating decentralized micropayment mediums within content streamers. producers, and viewers.

Also, There are many other gaming companies that are increasingly encouraging and embracing blockchain technology. However, That will pull their content distribution, online communities, and even products. Back in December, Atari gaming company which is popular for creating stalwart games like Tetris, Pac Man made a license agreement with Animoca Brands to initiate blockchain versions of its valuable mobile games.

Next instance is Epic Games;  Is a developer of Fortnite video game that recently started accepting payments in Monero (XMR) altcoin for their official merchandise store. According to the CEO at Epic, Tim Sweeney:

Many of us at Epic are big fans of the decentralized computing tech underlying cryptocurrency, however a lot more work is needed on volatility and fraud-proofing before bringing it to such a broad audience that includes younger gamers.

Are you interested in Blockchain Gaming?  What is your review on the alliance between Australian Game developer and HashCash?

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