New Hardware Wallet Launched by South Korean Tech Firm Keypair

There have been several flows of new crypto hardware wallets and now South Korean tech firm, Keypair has officially launched a hardware wallet: ‘Keywallet Touch’. The wallet has interesting design as it looks like credit card and utilizes NFC technology.

The New Crypto Hardware Wallet- Keywallet Touch

The South Korea based company, Keypair’s device’s smart card chipset, launched on June 11, supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BCC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH).

This is not the first time for Keypair, previously the firm had released similar wallet called Keywallet Classic in January. It was launched at the CES Electronic Show and the product has also been selling on Ebay. For now, the Keypair team believes that the new model will be easy on the process and look like traditional banking cards.

Specifications of Keywallet Touch

Similar to credit cards, the new model of Keywallet Touch is 85.60*53.98 mm with curve corners. Therefore it contains NFC technology that interacts with smartphones. As formerly mentioned, the phone application recognizes the card allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens.

Comparatively, the Keywallet Touch price is as low as $69.99 which is cheaper than other hardware wallets. But still, it is not yet available to the public.

According to Kevin CK Lee, CEO of Keypair says that, the new model of hardware wallet card comer with high security.

“The card is develop with Secure Element and its OS and Crypto libraries made by the firm. It also has CC and Eal5+ and CMVP ready product”.

Further, the firm is hoping that crypto investors will appreciate the new model of hardware wallet as it is easy to use. Moreover, the device has no batteries drains to the wallet’s durability. For a time being, the app is available on Google Play Store. However, only Android users can make use of the wallet.

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