Hancock hospital computer system hacked, attackers asks Bitcoin ransom

An unknown party hacked computer systems for Indiana-based Hancock Regional Hospital and halted operations demanding ransom payment in Bitcoins.

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Cryptocurrency demand catches attacker’s eye

The attackers tried to shut operations and locked the system’s network. He demanded payment for a digital key to unlock the system.

They did not specify the amount to be given in Bitcoins and the hospital has not paid, said Rob Matt, the hospitals chief strategy hospital speaking to The Indianapolis Star.

The hack affected hospital’s email system, electronic health records and internal operating systems without interfering patient’s information.

Although hacking and criminal activity involving Bitcoins such as kidnapping people to ask for Bitcoin ransom have been reported before. We haven’t heard about hijacking computer systems in hospitals or companies to request for Bitcoin ransom.

In December last year, Exmo Boss Pavel Lerner was kidnapped by an armed gang and released after paying a ransom of $1 million worth of Bitcoins. The company, however, said that users’ funds were secure and the ransom payment did not involve their money.   

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