The Graph Token Poised to Hit $1 Very Soon, Will It Enter Top 30?


    The Graph token which was in the rounds due to the price manipulation is expected to surge to hit $1 very soon.

    The GRT price which had dipped to $0.32 rebounded above $0.5 levels but woefully dipped slightly

    Some analyst believe, GRT price will surge securing its place within the top 30 rankings of the cryptocurrency list.

Will GRT Price Hold Long?

The graph token which had grabbed the attention of the whole crypto space is expected to touch $1 very soon. The token surprised the masses by surging to $0.7 within a couple of days since inception. However, the dip also followed the surge which pulled back the price close to $0.31.


The surge in the price has been recorded despite the allegation of the GRT price being manipulated by some group. The group was also alleged to manipulate the price of the other cryptos like BTC, ETH and XRP.

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The price may gain momentum and jump to form new highs as predicted by one of the analyst renrakuseattle. As per the analyst, GRT price will surge to touch $1 very soon in coming days. Also, other analysts like SpartanBLack claimed that the Graph Token will be in the top 30 rankings in 2021. 

GRT Price Analysis

GRT price chart

The Graph token was launched just a week before and it amazed the crypto masses by surging close to $1 in just a couple of days. The price at the time of launch was $0.0347 which surged gradually with less number of red candles to touch $0.78.

The surge was, however, speculated as a result of manipulation done by a group. The group was also responsible for shaking XRP price by liquidating XRP gains and transferring into GRT token. As a result, GRT price may have surged notably.

Technical Indicators

  • The current resistance levels are formed at $0.44 initially, and later at $0.472 & $0.501
  • The current support levels are formed at $0.3832 and if the price breaks down, the GRT price needs to be tested at $0.32207
  • The technical indicators point out towards the ‘strong sell’ 

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