Google Plays Store Still has Apps with Crypto Mining Options

While Google banned apps with crypto mining features on Google Play Store, still there are crypto mining apps available on the store.

In July, Google placed a ban on crypto mining apps that features on Google Play Store. The affected developers were given 30 days to comply before it starts removing defaulting apps. However, 43 days after the issued warning, apps that have mining functions are still available in the store.

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The number of defaulting apps Google has removed is a long way from the ones that still exist in the store. Some of the removed apps are MinerGate, AA Miner, and Free BCH Miner while apps like NeoNeonMiner, Crypto Miner PRO, Pickaxe Miner, and Pocket Miner are still available on goose Play Store.

Minergate, which is one of the apps removed has updated its app to comply with Google’s terms. However, it seems that the updated version is yet to be approved by Google. There have been other apps that are allegedly looking for ways to bypass Google’s ban. However, by looking for loopholes to distribute apps with mining functionalities. A lot of websites still offer android users different cryptocurrency mining apps.

Google’s History with Cryptocurrency

Google released an update to its play store developer policy in July after Apple had announced that it was banning all crypto mining app on its app store. The ban has been linked to the increase in cryptojacking.

Cryptojacking occurs when developers introduce mining software into apps so that smartphones processing power can be used for mining.

This is not the first move by Google to limit cryptocurrency activities. In March, Google banned cryptocurrency-related ads on all its platforms. It stated that the ban on crypto ads was as a result of the surge in scam promotions via the Google search tools.

One month after the ban on crypto ads, Google announced on its blog that its browser, Google Chrome will not be accepting extensions that aided cryptocurrency mining. After few days it was confirmed that Google Chrome will feature extensions that flag cryptocurrency phishing sites.

Android users are advised not to download apps from third parties, as such apps could infect Android devices with malware.

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