Germany to Begin Its First Cryptocurrency Exchange

As cryptocurrencies are growing, there are several investors willing to invest in cryptocurrencies. Germany began their first cryptocurrency exchanges which allow investors to feature their bets on the market.It is difficult to regulate exchange which allows investors to operate without any problems.

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Germany’s cryptocurrency exchange

Germany is initiating its first crypto exchange for whales. The company VPE Wertpapeirhandlesbank AG (VPE) elaborated that they are releasing cryptocurrency trading service for institutional investors. The exchange has got a license which makes it secure and regulated for its customers.

VEP Spokesperson, Katharina Strenski elaborated that institutional investors are facing high entry barriers to the crypto market and virtual currency trading services. She adds that VPE is offering the convenient alternative for institutional and important investors.

Ms. Strenski says: – “Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others, have become a promising asset class in recent years. To date, trading digital tokens have been restricted to crypto exchanges and online marketplaces. We are pleased to be the first German bank to offer our customers cryptocurrency trading services.”

VPE Wertpapeirhandlesbank AG

VPE Wertpapeirhandlesbank AG (VPE) is called as the centric exchange. It is OTC based trader. There are various clients involved in an exchange that include financial enterprises, investors, and institutions. They are able to access the investment advice and portfolio management.

Germany has a unique crypto journey. There several enterprises operating in the country and the government don’t have strong regulations to control the market. The Ministry of Finance uploaded a report which elaborated the fact country has begun accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the country.

The Statement is as

“Virtual currencies become the equivalent to legal means of payment, insofar as these so-called virtual currencies of those involved in the transaction as an alternative contractual and immediate means of payment have been accepted.”

It is an excellent step taken by Germany to flourish cryptocurrencies in the country. Earlier, Deutsche Bank has also warned several times for utilizing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Let’s hope Germany to have an amazing journey with respect to the cryptocurrencies.

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