Genesis Mining Trolled Warren Buffet’s Comments Through Billboards

Genesis Mining Bitcoin Advocacy Campaign has posted Billboards outside of Warren Buffett’s office. A cryptocurrency mining firm claims to troll billionaire investor Warren Buffett with these billboards near its office in Omaha.

Bankers Against Bitcoin

The company arranged an organization “Bankers Against Bitcoin”. It demonstrates in Consensus Blockchain Conference held at 2018 in New York.  The people from the banking sector conveyed the message that banking industry opposes Bitcoin.

CEO of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng claims on the Bankers against Bitcoin website and says that decentralized competition banks have faced and noted that the protest represents firms which fails to accept the changes happening the system.

The website says that the Explore Bitcoin project began the project and started raising public awareness about bitcoin and Blockchain. The plan is executed in various countries to explore the ideas of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

JP Morgon’s views

In the year 2016, the campaign attacked JP Morgon CEO Jamie Dimon, a Bitcoin critic which has mobile billboards that got circulated in Maimi Bitcoin Conference. The conference has sponsored signs on tops of taxis in Florida. The campaigns criticized journalists for negative comments of Bitcoin.

The Campaign has subsidizes signs on the top of taxis in Florida. It points out that 10,000 bitcoins have purchased two pizzas for the worth of $24 million. The taxi sign is a technology and is not a company or organization. The Highway billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles considered people to send money by utilizing Bitcoin.  

The campaign provides images to post on Social media. CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt says that Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and has potential to plan a application which does not produce a clone copy in the digital world.

Ohh!! Warren Buffet is criticizes for the comments asserted on Bitcoin. Share your thoughts through Twitter and Telegram.

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