GCOX Exchange To Soon Launch Pacquiao’s Cryptocurrency

From entertainment, football to boxing, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has gone mainstream.

GCOX, Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange is launching celebrity token. The Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) paves the way for cryptocurrency by celebrities. With its new blockchain-powered platform dubbed Acclaim Blockchain, GCOX is enabling celebrities to tokenize their popularity and fame. Interestingly, the Acclaim Blockchain platform has segments like Celeb-Charity and Celeb-Connect that brings fans more closer to their celebrities.

Like Michael Owen and Jason Derulo, Phillippine Boxing Legend, Manny Pacquiao has also signed up with GCOX during March 2018. Manny Pacquiao’s token “Pac Token” may soon go live either at the end of this year or the first quarter of 2019. This is because GCOX targets Philippine SEC’s final decision on regulating Initial Coin Offering may release within this period.

Why PAC Token?

Fans can use the PAC Tokens of Pacquiao to purchase boxing jackets or gloves. The discussion over the value and volume of tokens are still in process between GCOX and Pacquiao’s team. Acclaim Blockchain demands celebrity token to use  “Acclaim Token (ACM)” as its base currency. However, fans will have easier access to use different celebrity frameworks using ACM as the medium of exchange.

Though the Fans are the core audience for PAC tokens – the increasing demand for Pacquiao merchandise will boost the value of PAC tokens. however, this year celebrities are on the urge to revolutionize the blockchain industry. Football start Carlos Puyol, Andre Iniesta, American Pop star Akon and many more are using blockchain to create an economy around the fame and popularity.

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