Is Gaming Driving the Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption?

Gaming, Blockchain projects, E-sports, etc. is all the driving factors in cryptocurrency mass adoption. There are many more reasons, barriers that crypto space is still fighting to mug out of it.

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    Currently, there are thousands of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that are competing to build a product in their particular sectors using real-world use cases and the potential to attain mass adoption.

    What do you think gaming is the only means towards cryptocurrency mass adoption? No! Gaming is not the only thing; however, gaming is one amongst the technology pushing cryptocurrency adoption to a next level.

    Gaming began from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) to PlayStations, to Xbox, etc. that we came on enjoying every aspect right from our childhood. However, today this sector has emerged as the driving factor in technology and digital asset mass adoption. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are working together to evolve a new concept of Artificial intelligence and virtual world as a whole.

    Still there remain various things to get familiar with. Let’s get started!

    Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

    The emergence of cryptocurrency has spawned the development of a completely new blockchain-based industry promising to change the future in several tremendous ways. Majority firms are putting their efforts to adopt the upcoming technologies. However, there are some significant hurdles stopping firms to get their hands on technology and crypto masses as well.

    The barriers hindering cryptocurrency mass adoption includes:

    1. Business infrastructure
    2. Support
    3. Scaling
    4. Consistent user experience
    5. No Universal Use Case
    6. Ease Of Use and Setup
    7. Energy Consumption
    8. Regulations

    There are additionally few things that can help in driving the overall cryptocurrency mass adoption:

    • Demystifying crypto via education
    • Easing security concerns
    • Integrating cryptocurrency payment system
    • Opening the gates of cryptocurrency channel to global e-commerce
    • Addressing volatile cryptocurrency market

    By implementing every possible solution, cryptocurrency will impart and reflect positive changes. We can commit ourselves to develop the infrastructure and build a new layer of world finance which will be helpful in adopting both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency as well. However, this might give us a good future as a whole.

    Gaming and E-sports

    There are major projects aiming to provide a marketplace for purchasing games. Additionally, the industry standard which developers receive in marketplace sales such as Steam and App Store is around 70%. You can closely watch and keep an eye on these gaming projects:


    WAX is the exclusive cryptocurrency gaming project, focusing on the decentralized trading platform to offer virtual video game assets. This project connects to the major economies incorporating global trading.

    Unikoin Gold

    This project aims to be among a decentralized sportsbook for e-sports sector. As in past years, Betting + gaming + blockchain has been a popular combination. Similarly, this project is working on the same concept.

    Enjin Coin

    This project has given the gamers/developers a place to create and maintain their games digital assets using smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. However, Enjin is considered amongst notable projects in gaming cryptocurrency niche.


    This project offers a virtual reality platform operating on the reliable Ethereum blockchain. Within this project, users can create content apps, and monetize them. This counts under a decentralized initial virtual platform, designed on the blockchain.


    This is an interesting gaming cryptocurrency project. The project helps developers to easily build and customize games for mass production. However, the project is also seeking to add on the off-chain scaling to empower quick, trustless gaming interactions on the blockchain.


    This is a cryptocurrency project aims to be a gaming management and recruitment network. Players and teams can monetize their gaming efforts on this platform.

    First Blood

    This is also a gaming cryptocurrency e-sports project. Using this e-Sports platform, gamers can get paid in 1ST tokens to dominate their opponents held in matches.


    This is another project facilitating such skins that are hugely famous in a wide variety of mainstream games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, etc. However, this project aims to become the premier marketplace for major assets.


    Unlike any other projects, this is a Minecraft server using a Bitcoin-denominated economy. This project itself is a fork of Bitcoin’s former version. Also, the benefit is that you get a regular cryptocurrency wallet you can use with a mainstream game: Minecraft.

    Blockchain Solutions behind Cryptocurrency Masses

    Unlike the costly and highly energy intensive traditional cryptocurrency adoption, there are new ways of the solving crisis have come up. However, the following methods have helped in bringing the cryptocurrency to their masses using Blockchain technology.

    1. Nicehash Approach

    Using this cloud mining marketplace you get a chance to share your idle computing power with cryptocurrency miners. If you are a miner, you can rent the additional computing power from a pool.

    1. Genesis Approach

    Similarly to the previous one, Genesis mining allows buying computing power in opposition to owning mining hardware.

    1. IOTW Approach
    Last Words

    Also, as you can see, there’s no limit to the future of cryptocurrency. We are at the top of the iceberg while talking about the adoption. Today, the adoption is driven by some specialized sectors that could help to harness the decentralized abilities of the blockchain technology. However, the gaming industry is counted under these specialized sectors. The e-Sports industry also owns a ton of room for renovation, similar to cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    Professional gamers might not show interest to dive into cryptocurrency, however, we need to wait and watch how dynamic unfolds as gaming cryptocurrency lead their way. However, these two sectors can make an exclusive combination if they are plan out systematically.

    What do you think about gaming and cryptocurrency mass adoption? Share your views via Twitter and Telegram.

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