FXC Gains 14%, LINK 8% While ALGO Closes Daily Gains At 5%


    FXC enlists among top gainers within 24 hours

    LINK finally breaks the $8 level and strokes forward for more gains

    Algorand in the spotlight again within the last 2 weeks. The coin gained 5% to make the list.

In the light of a drastic price movement expressed in BTC recently when it touched $12,000, major altcoins are seen to be moving sideways lately. Altcoins like Flexacoin and Elrond are leading the top gainers’ list with impressive profits accrued over the last 24 hours.

As this may seem possible to continue in the short term, a rise in bitcoin price may encourage sellers to short these thriving altcoins and bring their prices down imminently.

Today’s categories of top market performers enlist coins with notable price movements. This classification of coins brings to limelight how various coins are trending with the flow of the market and which ones are likely to continue and for how long.

#1. Flexacoin (FXC 13.78% Gain):

 FXC rates first on this record with a 24-hour percentage gain around 14%. Many traders realize that this is the onset of a price rally for FXC as 100% of respondents are bullish on Flexacoin.

The coin is up by around 17% since last year and by 34% within the last two weeks. Nonetheless, the coin scores 72% gain within the last month but lost 3.5% within the last hour.

FXC is now trading at $0.005 amid 24-hour trading volume that averages $846,000. The coin’s market capitalization is hovering around $150 million.

#2. ChainLink (LINK 7.20% Gain): 

Being second on the list today, we have Chainlink. This important crypto which has already attained more than 20% loss within the last one week is recording some gains this time.

Several traders are bullish on LINK and prices may act rarely bullish in the short term.

The Coin is up by over 245% in the last year and around 76% within the last month. Although it lost 0.6% in the last hour,  LINK is positive in the daily timeframe.

LINK is trading at $8.40 and its market cap is revolving around $3.2 billion.

#3. Algorand (ALGO 5.1% Gain): 

ALGO comes third on our preference market watch list today having made profits equal to around 6%.

The coin maintains a slight market favor among traders who believe ALGO may finally bounce and recoil some gains. It’s rise to fall possibility ratio is around 73%:27%.

ALGO is having both a rough year and bi-weekly record. In the one year timeline, the coin is down almost 60%. Also down by 18.3% in the last 2 weeks, ALGO basked a 56% rise in the last month.

Currently trading at $0.31, ALGO’s market are altogether capped at $255 million amid exchange volumes around $74 million

In conclusion, numerous other altcoins are seeing decent gains within the ongoing bull run and are moving forward impressively. This may instigate relatively lower coins to stand up to a bull challenge and make gains in the short term.

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