Trustwallet Founder: How Was The Experience After Binance Acquired TrustWallet?

The founder of Trust wallet Viktor Radchenko was live today, in a Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with the users.

Will Binance DEX Support the Coins, Trust Wallet Supported?

The answer is No, because coins listed on Binance DEX are available unless you pack the token or specific coins. Hence, there is no just like bitcoin into Binance chain, that’s why they start token listing which the Binance chains created.

How Trust Wallet Will Be Different From Other Wallets?

Viktor Radchenko replies saying user needs one solution to many problems, unlike other wallets which focuses only on specific problem whereas Trust wallet will focus on connecting all the coins and blockchains in one wallet.

Binance Acquired TrustWallet! How Was The Experience Then?

Viktor replied saying much more resources, due to which he can have a big team and get work done quickly. Also, Cardano is coming soon and the team is all set for the integration.

On Binance DEX, his opinion is, you can easily trade, to have super fast and secure wallet. An important aspect of wallets is, you can swap tokens. Moreover, Trust wallet is not only a full node, but also it comes with blockchain where you can interact with any node directly.

The founder explained very well about the features of Trust wallet and gave information about the transaction of bitcoins, his opinion was bitcoin is not a good solution for payment in future.

On questioning about the cryptocurrency future, Viktor hopes the market for the next 5 years to be good for cryptocurrencies. On the Trust wallet he is more keen on building communities and applying new technologies.

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TrustWallet Founder Shares His Opinion On Binance Acquiring TrustWallet
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TrustWallet Founder Shares His Opinion On Binance Acquiring TrustWallet
TrustWallet Founder, Viktor Radchenko, in a live session shared his view on the launch of Binance DEX also the future of Cryptocurrency.
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