Foodpanda to Get World’s First DOOH Advertising Campaign on Trial

It’s the Security that stands first for any business perking online. Whether it’s a payment gateway or advertising channels or detect any unnatural actions in communication. Blockchain is the most reliable and Preferable technology on this panel. The applications of blockchain technology are growing with its wide adoption in Banking, Travel, Hospital, Manufacturing and different Industries. 

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Aqilliz, a Singapore based blockchain solution provider company teamed up with moving walls team to experiment with their new World’s first Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising campaign for Singapore based food giant Foodpanda. Foodpanda has a huge base of working with more than 27000 restaurants in 193 cities and over 15,733 delivery riders in 12 countries.

All About the Project

Recently it collaborated with an outdoor advertising company based in Singapore Moving Walls, to pilot the world’s first DOOH Advertising for Foodpanda.

Aqilliz is using the Zilliqa blockchain platform for its clients. Zilliqa is a high performance, a high-security blockchain platform that allows the blockchain to scale in a linear fashion. This could satisfy the growing needs of the ecosystem by increasing transactions per second as more mining nodes join the network.

The campaign includes 2750 digital boards operated by three different media owners.

  • Target Media Screens for Lifts and Lobbies of Condominiums and housing board blocks.
  • Focus Media for the network of office screens
  • Moove Media for the taxi screens.

The campaign will offer an independent, real-time view of campaign performance with a tracker for the advertisements played or not.

The founder and CEO of Moving Walls, Srikant Ramachandran said,

“For far too long, OOH has existed without an independent means of verifying ad delivery. As an industry, we tend to point at online ad fraud to advocate for greater OOH spends but there are more fundamental issues of fragmentation and a lack of transparency that needs to be fixed. This campaign gives us the exciting opportunity to implement emerging technologies in order to solve these long-standing infrastructural problems to the benefit of all participating partners across the OOH supply chain.”

Meanwhile, the marketing heads of foodpanda emphasized the productive market expenditure and the use of digital signage which enables the brand to be present throughout offline.

Blockchain Utilization in many!!

The blend of blockchain with the technology is expected to flourish in the coming years. Many other sectors like manufacturing, energy and utility, transportation and logistics, building management, health care, retail, smart cities, etc have tasted the essence of blockchain.

According to the latest report by Research Dive, global blockchain technology will witness a huge growth rate of 91.5% (annual compound rate) from $5.8 Million in 2018 to $32 Million by 2026.

On the Whole

Till now, the DOOH technology was lacking with clarity in the campaign performance. This had been a major reason, the investment was not as per the expectations. Blockchain technology could bridge the gap between them providing greater accountability plus being cost-effective.

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