World’s First Floating Island with Government Plans Off-Shore Housing

The Floating Island Project plans to devise off-shore housing which utilizes its own currency. It is operated outside the government regulations. The Project is a main program that partners with Government of French Polynesia. A long-term vision for the project has hundreds of new countries which float on the ocean. 


Mezza is a investigator for Blue Frontiers and Seasteading Institute highly anticipated Floating Island Project. The activity is allied with the Government of French Polynesia. It enhances construction of 300 homes which are built on a island and operated under its own governance utilizing a cryptocurrency as Varyon.

A political Scientist Nathalie Mezza Garcia who is a seavangelesse termed as a evangelist in a favor of living off the grid and on the ocean. Mezza-Garcia in an interview with Matthew Taylor says that what she believes tech startups should head to Tahiti.

The Island offers a place for homeless and the self-contained Island is devised to function as a business centers which are beyond the influence of Government regulation. Mezza states that this means there is a stability outside a oscillating geopolitical influences, trade issues and currency vacillations to become an perfect incubator. It is alternative solution for people who embitters by the Government.

Further Mezza says that,

“There is a connotation to the project which is been trailing in Polynesian Islands. This is area where the land is dozes on the coral reefs and disappears with rising sea levels. Once we can see how first Island works, we will have a proof of idea to initiate a plan for Island to shelter climate refugees”.

Funding of Project

Floating Island Project is funded through a altruistic contributions through the Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers. It trades tokens of the cryptocurrency Varyon. The island is converged to complete by 2022 and can cost up to $50 million.

It haughtily lenient concept which says:

Government under the Floating Island Scheme can exist as a service providers. The floating communities can also self governed the system. Mezza claims that if you don’t want to live under a particular government and people have potentiality to take their house and float away to another island.  Mezza Garcia construes as a long term and envisions various nations in the Ocean

Floating Island Project  is initiated to develop the nation and other places Isn’t it. Share your comments through Twitter and Telegram.

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