A New Fitness App “Squat for Crypto” Is Now Live- Lympo Squat

The cryptocurrencies are opening more and more opportunities for us to earn and trade simultaneously and conveniently. The blockchain is the only thing we are waiting to see a real transformation.

This is more exciting to see people making money using these new technologies without any need to mine/trade cryptocurrencies. Such exclusive instance is a recent app letting users squat and earns money from their activity.

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About The Application- Squat for Crypto

A new fitness app development is now receiving much excitement around space. Moreover, it develops using advance technology which detects the number of squats that user have accomplished.

Also, the app possesses the camera power which helps in completing its mission. Once it identifies that user completes a squat, you get rewards worth Lympo LYM tokens. Moreover, the place does not matter where the user is squatting. The only thing a matter is that user needs to complete a squat.

This reward program not only tempt the user to use cryptocurrency, but it also let them exercise on a regular basis. Fitness goes hand to hand with earning digital assets. Also, considering 15 squats, one stand retrieves 3 LYM tokens.

In case the user is not sure anything about squatting, there is always a virtual coach that guides you throughout your exercise. Moreover, the coach name is Kat. The user has to know the precautions while squatting to reduce the chances of injury.

Users Need To Cling To These Terms and Conditions

This app will not reward a user for participating in weight squats. Moreover, users are suggested to perform normal squats as they will not get compensation for extra efforts. The users have to maintain time while squatting as their relative virtual coach needs some rest too.

You might see it funny; however, it intends to work the same. Note that while Kat is on rest, you will not earn any rewards. The user needs to wait until she recovers prior to continuing with the squat process. Also, she takes somewhat ten minutes till then you can rest too and enjoy the benefits of this break.

Meanwhile, there are conditions user needs to fulfill before withdrawing these tokens. The user requires at least 1000 worth LYM tokens. At present, 1 LYM = $0.0078. Meaning, the minimum withdrawal amount remains $8 as per the prevailing exchange rates. 1 squat = approx. $0.002, so the user needs to perform roughly 5,000 squats before making least withdrawal amount of $8.

This is not a scheme to get rich quickly. It seems complex; however, you need too much patient to reap the fruits from this program. Moreover, it is definitely not a bad idea as it is enhancing your health.

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